Horror Movie Review: Ouija Warehouse (2021)

From the writer and director of The Ouija Experiment and The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death comes Ouija Warehouse aka Ouija: Deadly Reunion.

We’re going to do something different at the start of this review. We’re going to send a personal request to writer and director Israel Luna.

Please stop making these Ouija themed movies.

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Ouija Warehouse is yet another trite, low-budget Ouija themed horror movie with a poor story, poor production and a poor cast. If you’ve seen any ‘ghostly goings-on’ horror movie ever then you’ve seen everything this movie has to offer.

The bland and uninteresting story surrounds a group of friends who have decided to throw a birthday party in a ‘warehouse’. During clean up, two of the group decide it will be fun to mess around with a Ouija board. As you do. Totally natural behaviour.

Of course, this is never a good idea and that’s before you take into account that a group of people died inside this very warehouse the year before! So, what do our group of characterless drones do? Decide to try and contact them using the board. Cue spooky shenanigans, the sort of stuff we’ve seen time and time again.

The total lack of originality is staggering. Not only have we seen this exact film done before but we’ve seen it from the same writer and director. Every single Ouija cliché that you can think of is here and the few things that aren’t overly familiar are horrendous to watch. It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to learn that most turn the movie off once they hit the ‘lip-sync performance’ segment that seems like it will never end.

Do a little reading about this film and you can find out just why it is such a mess. According to Israel Luna there was no script, just an outline. No wonder the characters are so poor with incredibly pedestrian dialogue that you can often barely here because they mumble so much.

Then you have the fact that Luna wanted this to look like a single-shot movie. Something that does end up adding some unintentional hilarity. Watch out for characters having to hold doors open for the cameraman to follow. Immersive stuff.

It could be argued that some credit deserves to be given to Ouija Warehouse as it was shot during the worldwide pandemic. So, limited cast and crew, and limited locations. However, the argument can also be made that when you’ve got this much going against the movie and you have nothing good to offer in regards to story or scares, just don’t make the freaking movie.

A waste of time for everyone involved.


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Ouija Warehouse (2021)
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