Horror Movie Review: No One Will Save You (2023)

No One Will Save You is a 2023 American science fiction horror film written, directed, and produced by Brian Duffield.

Brynn is a seamstress who lives alone in her childhood home in a forest on the outskirts of a small town. Mourning the loss of both her best friend, Maude, and her mother, Sarah, Brynn copes by constructing a model town in her living room. She leads a solitary existence and is shunned by the local townspeople. One night, she awakens to discover that a humanoid alien has broken into her home. The alien uses telekinesis to subdue her, but she accidentally kills it in self-defense with the broken fragment of a model bell tower.

Finding that her car and all of her electrical devices have been rendered useless since the alien intrusion, Brynn cycles into town. Where she uncovers evidence of alien attacks on her neighbours. The town appears unaffected as she makes her way to the local police station. She unexpectedly encounters Maude’s parents, who happen to be the chief of police and his wife. Maude’s embittered mother spits in Brynn’s face. Brynn flees the town on a bus, but several passengers attempt to restrain her. They are revealed to be controlled by alien parasites placed in their throats. She escapes and discovers that many of the townspeople now appear to be under the parasites’ control.

Brynn returns home and fortifies her house. Can she fight off this alien invasion or is she doomed to be taken over like all the rest? Watch and find out.

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There’s been many movies about aliens over the years and often it feels like reinventing the wheel. However, No One Can Save You sticks to the standard, universal alien concept – and it’s scary as hell. It’s refreshing to see a film stick to the most common design everyone knows.

The aliens all appear to be CGI but they look surprisingly great. They seem present in the world and really lifelike. Our main protagonist has a lot of physicality and interaction with them which is fantastically done. I enjoyed the realism of everything going on. Brynn’s survival is through absolute pure luck. Usually they make the main character overpowered but Brynn does everything you realistically could and it never feels too much.

I enjoyed putting myself into her shoes and dissecting the alien’s behaviour and communication. It was interesting and I found it fascinating to see their reactions to her aggression. I almost wanted her to go full Ripley and wear one of their heads as a trophy to see how they would respond.

The action is brilliant, effects are amazing. The telekinetic abilities are very visually impressive. The main actor is incredible. She conveys so much without words and her character is well developed. I loved that her back story was a moral conundrum. Usually you follow a person like this and it turns out that they’re innocent. It was an interesting turn of events.

Overall, a classic scary tale is told with an underlying metaphor about grief and guilt and feeling other amongst your own people. A fun movie to analyse and discuss with fantastic visual effects and action.


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No One Will Save You
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