Horror Movie Review: Necropolis (1986)

Sleazy, low budget grindhouse, Necropolis is a dull horror written and directed by Bruce Hickey. Its story is based around a witch named Eva (LeeAnne Baker) who is killed by a priest during a Satanic ritual to give her eternal life.

Necropolis 5

300 years later Eva is reincarnated as punk biker chick looking to finish what she started all that time before. She does this by sucking the life energy out of the unfortunate denizens of New York and using it to feed her minions. How does she feed them? By spewing gunk out of her three sets of boobs. Yes, it’s that kind of film.

Eva is very powerful but she is not the only one to be reincarnated either. Her original planned victim is back and the target of Eva and her minions but so are those that put a stop her in the first place.

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Based on the plot, Necropolis could have been much better but in the end it’s nothing but a dull slice of 80’s schlock horror. That doesn’t make it an inherently bad movie. What does that is how poorly the story is told and how bad the pacing is. Necropolis is very boring and it shouldn’t have been. Poor direction sees many moments that could have lifted the movie completely lost. You’re waiting, nay expecting something to happen and then it just doesn’t. So disappointing and so yawn-inducing.

Necropolis 2

It looks like utter crap, more of a no-budget horror rather then a low-budget horror but the crowning glory of crapness is the performances. It’s a mix of groan-inducing dialogue and reactions to laugh-inducing bad interactions and behaviour.

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Probably the only other reason to check out Necropolis is the sight of a multiple boobed character allow her zombie-like minions to ‘feed’ from her. It’s not often you see that in a movie but it hardly makes sitting through the slog worthwhile.


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