Horror Movie Review: Lillith (2019)

A horror comedy directed by Lee Esposito who co-wrote it with Luke Stannard, Lillith is a movie you’ll want to love but unfortunately, it just does a few too many things wrong to be anything more than a one-night stand.

Jenna (Nell Kessler) finds her boyfriend Brad (Michael Finnigan) in bed with another woman. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s also their 5th anniversary. Heartbroken and furious, she goes to her friends Emma (Robin Carolyn Parent) and Charlie (Taylor Turner). The latter, quietly simps after her, while the former wants to help her get revenge.

All they need to do is conjure up a demon. As you do. It’s just like getting some free spins.

The demon they conjure up is the succubus, Lilith (Savannah Whitten) who promptly sleeps with Brad and then kill hims. This is not what Jenna wanted, so she orders Lilith back to hell. Unfortunately, Lilith quite likes Earth. So, she decides to stick around and cause a little mayhem. Not before enrolling in the college the others go too and trying to make some friends.

Yes, almost all the good comedy in this horror comedy, comes from or surrounds the Lilith character. Savannah Whitten is having a blast here, oozing sex appeal and taking advantage of horny college boys. She’s funny, a bit of a fish out of water, but still a demon. Whitten infuses her with so much personality that a scene where she gets rejected by the ‘heroes’ after offering the hand of friendship, might actually make you feel sorry for her. She really is great.

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Which brings us to the biggest problem in this film and it’s simply, everyone else. Our heroes are really bland and unlikable. A bunch of one-note characters that can be quite stupid and are rarely funny. Every single one of them is over-shadowed by the imposing character of Lilith and it means there’s no stakes because it’s hard to care about their fates. It’s not exactly the fault of the actors who all do a decent job with what they’re given. They’re just not given much.

Another problem is that Lilith is surprisingly tame and it really shouldn’t have been. A film about a sex-demon who kills her victims really should have been a lot ballsier with the gore. How can you have most of it happening off-screen? It’s such a missed opportunity.

It almost makes the film feel like a ‘teen-horror, which is really odd, as it’s clearly taking jabs at that style of movie.

Then we have the ending. An ending that is rushed and anti-climactic. Aside from one final amusing swing at Hollywood, it’s an ending that just kind of passes with little more than a shrug of the shoulders.

So that’s Lilith. A horror comedy that doesn’t do either style well even if it tries hard enough.


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