Horror Movie Review: Landmine Goes Click (2015)

Landmine Goes Click has a premise that is initially exciting, an American tourist steps on a landmine & is basically trapped, unable to move while those around him panic.

The first clue though those things aren’t quite right with this film comes from the running time which is an hour & 50 minutes. Let me repeat that…almost two hours for a film with a story that is basically: tourist steps on landmine & everyone panics!

It sounds stretched out & it really is even with the ‘extra’ stuff thrown in.


This extra stuff turns an average movie into a bad movie as the one character we should be behind proves himself to be no better than any of the others.

Now where Landmine Goes Click does well is with some of the actors, the two lead characters Chris (Sterling Knight) & Alicia (Spencer Locke) are believable & convincing in their desperation. It’s easy to get behind Chris, up until the final third of the movie even if his relationship with Alicia could have done with some more fleshing out.


The pair are great; however Daniel (Dean Geyer) is cringingly bad when it is revealed he set Chris up to stand on the landmine in revenge. He goes super villain with a Batman style voice change & an over the top reaction that is so unbelievable.

Daniel & Alicia are due to be married but at some undetermined time in the past she slept with Chris who kind of fell for her. To make matters worse Chris is going to be Daniel’s best man. A poorly editing job reveals that Chris felt guilty so told Daniel the truth resulting in him setting up Chris to stand on the landmine.


He is more then happy for it not only to blow Chris up but Alicia too! It’s such an extreme reaction that it becomes obvious the landmine is fake; especially when Daniel insists that she dig a hole for him to jump into.

Sure, the argument surrounds the not knowing & Daniel’s Batman voice is convincing but considering what happens afterwards to Chris & Alicia there is no question that it should have been a risk worth taking.


Half way through the movie stops being a cerebral & tense story about trust & instead turns into a rape/torture movie resulting in a final third that is so poorly thought out, so poorly paced that no-one could realistically come away satisfied.

Landmine Goes Click Pic 5.png

This is not an art film, it’s one good idea is dropped so quickly in favour of a bog-standard torture movie. It’s far too long & relies way too much on the patience of the audience, of which all will be gone by time the film reaches its awful conclusion.


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