Horror Movie Review: Killer Rack (2015)

From writer Paul McGinnis and director Greg Lamberson comes Killer Rack. A rare treat, Killer Rack bills itself as a comedy horror and actually turns out to be very funny and very entertaining.

Betty (Jessica Zwolak) is insecure about her body, in particular her breast size. Something that isn’t helped by her boyfriend, co-workers, boss and even the cat-calling losers on the side of the street. It’s so bad that people have taken to spray-painting words like ‘flattie’ on her front door.

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Tried of being overlooked because of her flat chest, Betty sees an ad on TV for plastic surgery, so she decides to go and get a consultation. Once there, she meets Dr. Thulu (Debbie Rochon) who has finally found the patient she has been looking for. Someone who can be the vessel for an ancient evil. Betty is going to get the boobs she wants but unfortunately for her, they have very malevolent intentions.

It’s as silly as it sounds but from beginning to end, it entertains. So many of the jokes land, this is simply one of the funniest horror movies you’ll see in the modern times. The plot is absurd and everyone knows it is absurd but plays it so straight, it’s too much fun. If all of that wasn’t enough, we get several class musical numbers too!

A massive amount of credit needs to go to the cast of this movie though. Zwolak’s Betty is so likable, Rochon’s Dr. Thulu is hilarious, Paul McGinnis’ Tim is very affable, Llyod Kaufman as Dr. Foin is as silly as you would hope and Brooke Lewis as the voice of the killer rack is amazing. The humour wouldn’t work, if this lot and others weren’t throwing their all into it.

Of course, as funny (and it really is) as Killer Rack is, horror fans won’t be disappointed either. Especially when they reach the insanely violent and bloody finale. Have you ever seen a massive pair of mammaries with mouths and tentacles eating and ripping people apart? If you watch Killer Rack, you will.


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Killer Rack
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