Horror Movie Review: Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman is the sequel to the absurd but incredibly fun 1997 horror, Jack Frost. Check out our review of it here.

It is somewhat surprising that we got a sequel 3 years later but what is even more surprising is that the original writer/director, Michael Cooney returned too. As well as a number of the original movies cast! There seems to have been a lot of love for the mutant killer snowman.

Jack Frost 2 2

However silly you might have thought the first movie was, nothing can prepare you for the silliness that is this sequel.

Sam (Christopher Allport reprising his role) hasn’t quite recovered from his encounter with Jack Frost when the snowman rampaged through his town last Christmas. What makes it even worse for the Sheriff is that no-one believes him & he is a butt of many jokes.

Sam’s wife Anne (Eileen Seeley) wants to get him away from the town this Christmas so suggests a tropical vacation. Something that isn’t exactly what Sam wants to do but he relents under pressure.

Jack Frost 2 3

Elsewhere the good old FBI have dug up the remains of Jack who was seemingly destroyed by anti-freeze in the finale of the first movie. They want to test it but hilariously one of the researchers leaves a cup of coffee balancing on the tank with Jack’s melted remains in it. A janitor accidentally knocks the hot coffee into the tank reanimating Jack.

I don’t know why. It really doesn’t matter.

Jack Frost 2 4

Jack (voiced again by Scott MacDonald) breaks out & immediately heads after Sam for revenge. How does he know where he is? Well Sam dripped blood into the antifreeze that destroyed Jack & now they have a psychic link.

Silly enough for you yet? Well, Jack Frost 2 is far from done.

Jack Frost 2 5

What follows is a rampaging mutant killer snowman during Christmas on a tropical island. As bodies begin to show up Sam suspects it’s Jack again but no-one believes him. Except maybe a retired FBI agent…

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman is a rough watch & if you go in expecting anything on par with the original then you’re going to be disappointed. The absurdity factor is dialled up to eleven & while this does result in some fun moments, often it’s cringe-worthy stuff.

Jack Frost 2 6

It’s good that not a single actor takes their role seriously but most of the characters are utterly forgettable. Jack Frost is the star & even he is lacking in menace this time around. The rules that bound him last time are completely gone & his abilities are all over the place. He turns himself into an ice anvil crushing someone. He causes a head to explode after part of him is eaten as an ice-cube. One death sees him freezing a heated pool with someone inside just by touching it. Varied & often gory but very silly stuff.

Jack Frost 2 7

Just when you think you’ve seen everything possible, the final third jumps the shark as Jack ‘gives birth’. So, to speak.

Little snowballs that transform into tiny terrors intent on killing the last survivors on the island. Now they don’t just have a mutant killer snowman to contend with. They have loads!

The ending as idiotic as you would expect. Let’s just say it involves bananas & amazingly it even has a sequel bait final scene!

Jack Frost 2 8

Worth watching for the varied deaths & gore but the story is so all over the place that it’s a bit of a chore to get through. Add the many cringe-inducing moments, suspect acting & iffy one-liners to a movie sequel that entertains but is basically forgettable.

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Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman
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