Horror Movie Review: Horror and Hamsters (2018)

Horror and Hamsters is a horror, comedy anthology film with a twist. It’s 50% horror and 50% adorable, family-friendly videos of hamsters. It released in 2018 on Amazon via VOD and was directed by Randy Smith and April Campbell. It stars Ray Besharah and Victoria Luloff.

The film opens with a young woman who serves as the introduction to the upcoming horror anthology. She talks about how terrifying the tales are that you will soon witness. However, she is interrupted by her brother who blackmails her into changing the story. He wants to be the star of the movie but that’s not all. He wants at least half of the film to be about hamsters, what a sicko.

Before the anthology gets under way, we are treated to a trailer. At first, it appears to be some kind of generic slasher flick. However, it soon becomes clear that the killer is in fact Elmer Fudd of Looney Tunes fame. I found this very entertaining, they should totally make it a thing. The whole trailer is executed with a major tongue in cheek vibe, it’s great.

Anyway, the anthology begins with a tale about a man who sacrifices babies to a demon. He does this in exchange for the answers to questions on a gameshow. However, he can’t help but wonder what exactly the demon does with all those babies. There is a payoff to this which is highly amusing. In fact, while this is one of the weaker stories in the anthology, the demon is very funny.

Then, we’re given our first segment involving hamsters. There isn’t much to say, it’s well put together and ridiculously cute. Next up, we have a story about a young woman who is drugged and taken to the den of a serial killer. It’s a fun, short story with an entertaining conclusion. I particularly enjoyed the performance of Victoria Luloff here, she’s very humorous to watch.

There are a variety of further tales after that but it would take some time to mention them all. Delightfully sandwiched in between are as promised, more charming hamster clips.

Horror and Hamsters clearly has budgetary limitations but it simply doesn’t care. It’s much more interested in being as entertaining as possible and it does a decent job, mostly. One thing that you cannot deny is that the concept alone is truly original. There is a good assortment of stories in this horror anthology. Most of them are executed well, considering the obvious constraints in effects and makeup. Horror and Hamsters obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously which helps add to the levity. It’s full of comedy, some of which lands and some that fails miserably. Still, I appreciate what they were trying to for the most part.

Regardless, the true stars of this film are the hamsters. Genuinely, these segments are very endearing. On the whole, Horror and Hamsters is a strange film that will leave you wondering what exactly you had just watched. This isn’t helped by the abrupt ending that fails to conclude what was introduced at the start. Still, it’s undoubtedly unique which I commend it for. Also, the performances are good.

Overall, for what it is Horror and Hamsters is an enjoyable watch. Some will likely be quite harsh with their opinions on the film. However, I appreciate that it managed to tell a number of good horror stories and be rather entertaining regardless of its limitations. One thing is for certain, I won’t be forgetting those precious hamster videos any time soon.


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