Horror Movie Review: Grandma’s House (2018)

Directed by as Bonnie Kathleen Ryan, written by Trevor Munson and starring Rachelle Dimaria, Kathy Rose Center and Marcus Hysmith, Grandma’s House is a familiar yet serviceable horror.

Low quality and predictable, it makes up for those issues with a decently told story and some solid acting.

In it we meet young college student Julie Grayson (Rachelle Dimaria)/ Who has moved to a small town having recently come out of a relationship. She rents a room from an elderly widow who likes to be called ‘Grandma’ (Kathy Rose Center). She’s a sweet old lady with conservative views. However, as Julie will find out, she’s also a bit eccentric.

As the plot progresses, Grandma’s behaviour becomes even more unhinged. Julie comes to release that she might even be dangerous.

The plot is decent enough. A mash up of several ideas wrapped up in a ‘cultist’ bow. It’s hardly spoilers as the film signposts this reveal all the way through it. A shame, as a little more subtly here would have been welcome and made the finale somewhat scary.


Thankfully, it’s easy to overlook plot issues as the film is fairly short and paced well enough. Then we have the cast, a decent bunch with Rachelle Dimaria’s Julie and Kathy Rose Center’s Grandma having good chemistry. Both are good actresses and hold their own especially when the issues between them begin to grow.

Their clashing later in the film doesn’t quite have awkwardness you’d maybe have hoped for but they still do well together.

At just short of 70 minutes, Grandma’s House doesn’t overstay its welcome and causal horror fans will probably get more out of the scare attempts. Whereas seasoned horror fans will surely enjoy the solid performances and very dark finale.

Go in with low expectations and you’ll come out happier.


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Grandma's House
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