Horror Movie Review: Future Shock (1994)

Future Shock is a 1993 Sci fi horror, directed by Eric Parkinson.

Future Shock is an anthology about a psychiatrist who uses virtual reality to probe the minds of three unsuspecting patients.

Each of the stories revolve around a different patient. A wealthy woman Jenny (Vivian Schilling) faces her fear of being home alone and the terror of the evening news. A shy and easily intimidated morgue attendant George (Scott Thompson) gets stuck with the ultimate roommate from hell Vince (Bill Paxton). And a photographer Fred, has to choose between conquering his paranoia about death and a blossoming romantic relationship.

Can they be cured of their fear? Watch and find out.

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Initially I was intrigued by Future Shock. It has a solid premise on the whole. However, straight away I wasn’t impressed with the opening story, about a near-agoraphobic woman. I found it very slow, boring and not well acted. Additionally, the faux wolves (dogs) really took away from the story and were downright silly.

The next instalment was my favourite of the bunch. Definitely captured the right oddball vibe. I found it quite funny and the main character had shades of Andy Daly as Forrest MacNeil, which is a pretty big compliment. Unfortunately, this was also fairly slow and didn’t do the idea justice.

Finally, the last story, I honestly can’t remember this one too well as it was weak. Not well acted or executed.

On the whole, a very average film. A great concept but poorly executed and in the most standard way possible. Not much gore, not many laughs, not much to see. Pretty disappointing to say the least.


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Future Shock
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