Horror Movie Review: Flight 666 (2018)

We’ve had snakes on a plane, we’ve had zombies on a plane and now, thanks to Flight 666 we have ghosts on a plane. Yes, Flight 666 is a paranormal horror set 30,000 feet in the air. Buckle up because we’re about to hit some serious turbulence!

For a group of passengers, a routine flight is about to turn into the plane ride from hell. Hours away from landing, ghosts aboard the plane start attacking causing panic and chaos. However, there is more to this then just a bunch of bored ghosts trapped in the air. These are the spirits of murdered girls and they want revenge on the killer who happens to be aboard this plane.

Flight 666 2

Now this is actually not revealed until the movie is almost over. The whole ‘murdered girls and killer aboard’ plot point. Normally in a review I’d gloss over this trying to avoid spoilers but as the movie actually says all of this in the synopsis it’s hardly a surprise when the reveal comes. What’s even less surprising is just who is the murderer that the ghosts are after.

Flight 666 3

Simply by process of elimination and by how much character time they’re given it’s easy to work it out. Not that it matters as it inevitably raises more questions then it answers. In fact, halfway through Flight 666 a big question will turn up and once it’s out there it is impossible to ignore. Those hoping for an answer by the finale expect way too much.

The question? Why now? Just those two words. Why did the ghosts of this plane wait so long to extract their revenge? It’s a glaring plot-hole that the movie happily pretends isn’t there in favour of rubbish CGI dead women and jump-scares that are incredibly ineffective.

Flight 666 4

That’s enough to make this a movie worth avoiding but Flight 666 isn’t done yet.

Dumb premise aside, Flight 666 tests the limits of horror fans ability to suspend belief. The aircraft in question behaves in a way that makes it almost seem like parody and the cabin/pilot crew are woefully inept. One particular scene sees the plane go into a nose-dive after losing power for a good few minutes. Not only do the pilots manage to right the plane but afterwards it’s just seen as a minor malfunction and the only injury sustained to the passengers is a drop of blood from a nose. Even that is just done to set up the next lacklustre attempt at a scare.

Flight 666 5

The acting ranges from bad to really bad and the pointlessness of almost all the characters is gob-smacking. They just don’t react like normal people would in this situation. The attempts to give them characters is laughably bad as some share stories that are as deep as a puddle after a rain shower. Some are also embarrassingly forced in such as the conversation between a couple about if they’ve ever seen a ghost. Oh really? I wonder what might happen next!?

Flight 666 6

Do yourself a favour, have that extra drink in the airport lounge and miss this flight.

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Flight 666
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