Horror Movie Review: Feeders (1996)

Feeders is a real contender for the worst horror movie of the 90s if not one of the worst horror movies ever made. It’s a joke movie with almost no budget and it shows. Watching it you could almost believe it was a Troma movie except even they wouldn’t release this crap.

Don’t let anyone tell you this is a ‘so bad it’s good’ horror because it’s not. Amateurish doesn’t cut it either. Feeders is just a badly directed, badly shot, badly acted mess with even worse effects.

Feeders 2

Maybe some will get a laugh out of just how bad it is but most will have real remorse for wasting their time on it. The ‘plot’ sees sock puppet aliens arriving in flying saucers and eating the locals in some backwoods town and the local woods.

Feeders 3

Where do I begin describing this trash? As mentioned above the aliens look like sock puppets. Anyone with a degree of imagination and some paper mâché could have done better. When they first appeared on screen, I did a double take then checked what I was watching! Were they serious? This isn’t low budget effects, it’s no budget! It’s actually a surprise that they didn’t just fill a garbage bag and call that their monster. It might have been better!

Feeders 4

It’s not the only thing about the movie that looks like crap. It’s shot so poorly and the sound is all over the place. The latter would be more of a problem if anyone was saying anything of substance or worth. The acting is horrid stuff but that’s hardly a surprise considering. It is a surprise though that we then get so many scenes with this lot and they don’t get any better as the film goes on.

Feeders 5

So, the question is…does Feeders have any redeeming features? The answer is no. If you’re hoping for a glutton of gore you will be sadly disappointed and if you’re checking in for some low budget nudity, you’ll be even more disappointed.

Avoid this like the plague.


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