Horror Movie Review: Door to the Other Side (2016)

Tim (Mitch Holden) is an elderly reclusive man who hasn’t stepped past his front door in many, many years. Since the death of his wife (a supernatural occurrence that takes place during the opening of the movie) he finds himself incapable of leaving the house. His withdrawn behaviour saw his daughter leave home when she was a teenager & he’s not heard from her since.

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The young couple living next door take an interest in him & decide to help him out. They pick up groceries, help around the house & spend time with him. Tim’s loneliness sees him embrace their company even if it’s not easy for him to open up.

Unfortunately, the supernatural being that killed his wife is still in the house & the involvement of the neighbours has woken it back up.

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Door to the Other Side (also known as Reclusion) is an extremely low-budget horror movie. Almost completely shot in just two residential houses with limited camera work. It manages to throw together an interesting supernatural mystery plot with a few decent scares.

The film does well to avoid a lot of obvious jump scares (it does have them though) as it’s mostly built around increasing tension. This supernatural being grows in strength as the movie progresses & it’s violent behaviour seems to have no limit.

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While the finale doesn’t quite live up to expectations it does have a decent twist that many won’t have seen coming. It’s a little bit nonsensical in its delivery, throwing everything out at once. Thankfully, the dark tone of the final moments will stay with you for some time afterwards.

Mitch Holden holds the film together nicely, he’s a good actor & a very likable character. His mysterious ways can be chalked up to his own lack of understanding of the situation & the years spent in solitude. The rest of the cast are decent as well. They are believable in their roles even if their character’s intentions aren’t as honourable as they first seem.

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Door to the Other Side is a decent blend of paranormal/possession horror. It lives & dies based on its actor’s abilities who don’t let the movie down. The low budget nature of the flick does little to harm the overall quality. You’ll come away mostly satisfied with the end result.


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