Horror Movie Review: Delirium (2018)

Delirium is a psychological horror movie that released in 2018 via video on demand. It is directed by Dennis Iliadis and stars Topher Grace as Tom. Also, it is produced by the same company as films such as; Get Out & The Purge.

Delirium, the disorder can be described as a general decrease within various aspects of one’s normal levels of cognitive functioning. This typically includes fluctuating attentional deficits and a generally severe disorganization of behaviour. It can also involve other symptoms such as changes in energy levels and deficits in perception. Also, there can be an altered sleep-wake cycle, hallucinations, delusions, and psychosis.

Tom inherits a mansion from his late father shortly after he is released from a mental institution. However, he grows convinced that the house is haunted following a series of strange occurrences. Tom cannot leave his creepy childhood home for 30 days. He is under house arrest and must check in daily with a facial recognition security system. Officer Brody is there to ensure Tom doesn’t fall off the wagon. It is immediately clear that she isn’t his biggest fan. She gleefully warns him that she’ll be awaiting the moment he screws up.

Well, it isn’t very long before Tom begins to see things. He is haunted by his mutilated father and other twisted memories of his past. He barricades himself in his childhood room but nothing can protect him. Eventually, he meets Lynn who brings him groceries. They become close, so much so that Tom reveals the reason he in the situation he finds himself in. He tells a horrific tale involving the murder of a young girl. He explains that the murder was carried out by his brother Alex and that he was forced to watch.

Tom’s visions get worse when Brody takes his medication after he rejects her advances. Alex appears and certain events lead Tom to question if anything he is seeing is real or not.

Delirium has a quality setup that is ripe for some genuine scares. The mansion location that is used in the film is absolutely fantastic. It is immediately intriguing and manages to keep that momentum going for most of the runtime. In part, this is thanks to a convincing performance from Topher Grace. Also, I wanted to find out exactly why Tom was in the situation he is in. The reveal doesn’t disappoint.

Otherwise, there is some decent tension and the makeup effects used on the father are great. Unfortunately, that’s where the positives end. Most, if not all of the scares that are delivered in Delirium come in the form of the dreaded jump scare. It’s extremely disappointing as the location is so good, it should be easy. Ultimately, the story is far too straight forward and predictable. Delirium is crying out for some kind of twist or turn and it never truly happens. It makes you question what you’re seeing but it doesn’t go all the way with it. It’s like The Shining but if it didn’t have any supernatural element whatsoever.

Overall, Delirium is a decent horror flick. I’m a sucker for these types of movies, especially those that are filmed in such a quality setting. I never felt bored watching it but it leaves little impact and isn’t particularly rewatchable. The creators of the film were more interested in telling a story rather than making something truly frightening.


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