Horror Movie Review: DeadTectives (2018)

DeadTectives is a comedy horror movie directed by Tony West, who co-wrote the film’s script with David Clayton Rogers. The plot surrounds a group of reality show ghost hunters whose ratings have been steadily declining no matter how often they try to fake paranormal events.

Their show, DeadTectives is to be cancelled with one final episode to be recorded and aired. Can the crew get one final massive ratings boost and maybe save their show? For that they’re going to have to get actual proof of paranormal activity, something no-one expects to actually get. Even if they are going to Mexico’s most haunted house.

With a ton of jokes, some that fall flat and ‘The Frighteners‘ style horror, DeadTectives doesn’t quite get the balance right. However, it is redeemed by a set of excellent performances, cool visual effects and a set of the most likable characters seen in horror for some time.

Although, at first you’re not really supposed to like them as we see how they fake their episodes and manipulate their audience. The opening 10 minutes is downright hilarious and sets up the characters perfectly.

We have Sam (Chris Geere) and Javier (José María de Tavira) as the show’s leads and the duo responsible for most of the faking. Alongside their crew that includes producer Kate (Tina Ivlev), Sam’s wife and Lloyd (David Newman), Sam’s brother. Who also happens to be the only one who actually believes in ghosts.

Once in the Mexican haunted house, the crew go through the motions of setting their effects up but slowly come to realise the house is actually haunted. Panic ensures, the body count begins to rise and they discover they can’t escape. This really could be the final episode of DeadTectives.

This is a fun movie that really doesn’t take itself seriously. We already made a comparison to Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners but it bears repeating. The similarities in humour, ghost-based shenanigans and overall tone is pretty clear to see.

However, where they differ is with the switches in tone.

The Frighteners had dark, very dark moments whereas DeadTectives rarely does. The times when it does, such as an important character dying, are often followed up with a joke or two. Sadly, not enough hit to make this a horror comedy great but the it’s still weighted towards the positive.

No, the real draw and reason to watch DeadTectives are the characters and the actors portraying them. Everyone gives it their all, even when dealing with slapstick humour and overtly silly segments. Clearly they’re having a lot of fun and that translates to the viewers. It makes DeadTectives a worthy watch even if it isn’t going to stay the test of time.


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