Horror Movie Review: Cute Little Buggers (2017)

With a title like ‘Cute Little Buggers’ you can be assured that this comedy horror will at least entertain with slapstick gore…and it does but that’s about it unfortunately.

Directed by Tony Jopia (DEADTIME, Crying Wolf) & starring Caroline Munro, Honey Holmes, Dani Thompson, Kristofer Dayne & John R. Walker. Cute Little Buggers sees a small village in the English countryside come under attack from aliens that come in the form of bunny rabbits!

Buggers 2

With the Summer Fare fast approaching, residents begin to turn up dead & several women go missing. At the same time, Melchior (Kristofer Dayne) has just returned to the village after years away. His mother has died & he is delivering a letter to his estranged father. After he reconnects with his ex-girlfriend he decides to stay around a bit longer.

Meanwhile the incompetent police force is trying to get to grips with the sudden spate of deaths in the village. The residents are less than impressed & demand results but unknown to them the threat is multiplying & far cuter then they could have imagined.

Buggers 3

Cute Little Buggers is a ‘B-movie’ in every sense of the word, with some hilariously bad acting, cheesy dialogue, ugly looking CGI & silly gore. It’s a movie that doesn’t require deep thinking to enjoy.

So let’s talk about the acting. It’s a mix between embarrassingly bad to average. The cast is huge with some only having a few lines of dialogue. Even then it’s often delivered in a way that is cringe-inducing. The sub-plots about father & son relationships, old flames renewed & the lack of respect for the police mean nothing when most of the cast couldn’t convince a thirsty man lost in the desert for a day to drink the fresh, cold water they have in their hand.

Buggers 4

The cast aren’t the reason to watch this movie though…the alien bunnies are. OK, there is no getting away from the awful CGI. It’s Sy-Fy levels of crap but it often results in fun & over the top gore & on occasion some practical make-up effects are also thrown in to give it an edge. Watching appendages ripped off, guts spilled, alien creatures birthed & much more will certainly raise a smile.

Buggers 5

Saying that though it probably could have had some of the fat trimmed off. It’s far to long coming in at over a 100 minutes.

It’s silly. Tongue in cheek silliness that probably doesn’t deserve to be as much fun as it is. It’s not trying to be Citizen Kane, it wears its awfulness like a badge of honour & this acceptance makes it far more enjoyable watch.

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Cute Little Buggers
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