Horror Movie Review: Camp Dread (2014)

Camp Dread walks the same tired path that many a horror movie has walked down before. A group of misfits take part in a ‘reality’ show at an infamous abandoned camp where they hope to win a million dollars. Unfortunately for them a killer is on the loose, seemingly determined to make sure no-one walks away with the money.

Camp Dread 2

The whole reality show idea comes from director Julian Barrett (Eric Roberts) who wants to capture his past horror movie glory. Having made his name with a series of horror films called Summer Camp, his plan is to make his comeback with Dead TV. A series where the misfits will compete against each other and two original stars of the Summer Camp films. All while avoiding fake slasher kills that will eliminate them.

Camp Dread 3

Early on it becomes painfully obvious that the real killer is clearly the work of Barrett who is planning to use the footage to make a new Summer Camp film. The film halfheartedly tries to add in a twist at the end but it’s one that is laughably stupid.

Not that you’re likely to care as Camp Dread is a chore to get through thanks in part to the awful & mostly unlikable cast.

Camp Dread 4

They such a bunch of horrid people, entitled & with personalities based around one particular defining thing they did. Something that is read out to us in a long & pointless scene that has little bearing overall.

Some of the cast try but with such bland characters they don’t have much to really work with. Eric Roberts is a highlight though, seemingly really putting the effort in compared to much of his recent horror roles.

With a film like this the best you can hope for is inventive & fun kills but Camp Dread has little in the tank here. It’s got plenty of gore but you won’t remember much of it as it’s all standard slasher fare (baring a semi-amusing moment at the end).

Camp Dread 5

…and that’s Camp Dread in a nutshell. Standard slasher fare with zero tension, average to poor acting, horrible characters & a bad twist.

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Camp Dread
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