Horror Movie Review: Call Girl of Cthulhu (2014)

Loosely based around the writings of H.P. Lovecraft (obviously), Call Girl of Cthulhu sees a struggling artist fall in love with a prostitute. Unfortunately she has been chosen to be the bride of a reborn Cthulhu by a cult that worships the ancient one.

Carter (David Phillip Carollo) is desperate to lose his virginity but not so desperate that he will go with just anyone. When he meets Riley (Melissa O’Brien), a call girl, he believes he has found the perfect partner. Not just in the bedroom but life itself!

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Meanwhile the Church of Starry Wisdom has been searching for a woman who will be the bride of Cthulhu & have its baby. A veritable needle in a haystack, the only clue they have for who this woman could be is a birthmark. A birthmark that happens to be on the butt of Riley.

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It’s up to Carter (alongside a few oddballs) to stop the cult’s plan & save his dream girl!

Call Girl of Cthulhu is a surprisingly fun movie with great acting, silly visuals & plenty of black humour. Its story, while not particularly unique, doesn’t follow the expected route throwing in a few nice surprises here & there. The fun references to other Lovecraft work is a nice touch even if you’ll have to know them to really enjoy them.

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The highlight of the movie is the acting with Carollo & O’Brien both playing their roles well. Their relationship & motivations are believable & you’ll care about what happens to them. You’ll want a ‘happy ever after’ even if it seems impossible.

It’s a low budget affair but it’s really not that noticeable. What they do with what they have is impressive & visually it leaves a good impression. The use of practical effects will always be a positive!

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Even if you know nothing about H.P. Lovecraft most horror fans will find plenty to enjoy here. It’s not for everyone though because of the Cthulhu based plot.


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Call Girl of Cthulhu
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