Horror Movie Review: Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012)

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp is a slasher horror comedy with emphasis on slapstick. It’s a movie where the only way to possibly enjoy it is to detach your brain completely.

Expect gratuitous gore, plenty of nudity & even a cameo from porn-star Ron Jeremy as Jesus Christ.


The movie opens in the 1970s at The Happy Day Bible Camp. With a name like that the warning signs where all there as a group of horny teens end up dead at the hands of the uber-violent, Sister Mary Chopper. The opening 10 minutes of Bloody Bloody Bible Camp are so over the top that you’d have to be dead to not at least get a laugh out it.

Seriously the title card for this movie comes out of the final victims vagina, the hairiest vagina you’ve ever seen this side of a Demi Moore teen pic.


Led by Father Cummings, many years later, a new group of horny teens are heading to the camp. This bunch of dim-witted characters are just here for the slaughter, character development is unnecessary when you’re getting conversations about the size of Jesus’s dick. Or how about characters declaring that they need their ‘rusty starfish’ licked because there is no toilet paper? They’re a classy bunch!

It’s all about the Bible Bowl trivia contest anyway, at least until Sister Mary Chopper returns for a new round of gory violence.


Sister Mary isn’t happy with the debauchery taking place & plans to punish all the sinners in her own special way. This involves decapitations, crucifixions, some good old fashioned stabbings & my favourite…a sharpened crucifix shoved up the ass. Sister Mary doesn’t care how the punishment is dished out, only that we are seeing blood spurting justice.

It sounds like a blast…and it is up to a point. For 60 + minutes the tongue in cheek style is smart & plays well off the graphic violence. Many of the actors play up to their idiotic characters turning them into parodies of slasher movies from the late 70s & 80s. Sister Mary Chopper’s outfit (the mask in particular) looks cool & it’s never obvious just who the killer is even if it is clearly a man.


Unfortunately the latter parts of the film take the tongue in cheek/slapstick style & just dial it up to such a level that it becomes embarrassingly unfunny. The introduction of Ron Jeremy as Jesus will raise a smirk (he has some funny lines) but its jammed in among some of the most cringe-worthy scenes & poorly written dialogue of the entire movie.

It will leave a bad taste in the mouth as the final moments drag on & it sours what was a silly but entertaining watch.


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Bloody Bloody Bible Camp
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