Horror Movie Review: Bigfoot Wars (2014)

Don’t judge a book by its title…but when the movie is titled ‘Bigfoot Wars’ it’s really hard to not judge. Especially when, like us, you’ve seen your fair share of Bigfoot/Sasquatch horror. Movies like Brutal Bigfoot (2018), The Bigfoot Tapes (2013), Night Claws (2012), Willow Creek (2013) and Exists (2014).

Click any of those titles to see what we thought of those movies. However, if you’re here for our thoughts on Bigfoot Wars, read on…it gets rough.

Bigfoot Wars 2

Bigfoot Wars is a mess, a complete mess of a movie that was torn apart and stuck back together with little care in the editing room. It’s so frustrating too as it has moments where it surprises by being competent.

The promise of an all-out attack on a small town by a rampaging army of Sasquatches is never realised. Instead it’s the usual young people go into the woods, get slaughtered and it’s up to the local Sheriff to find out what did it.

Bigfoot Wars 3

Very simple and very straight-forward. Undone by the most haphazard editing job I’ve ever seen. We go from day scenes to night scenes in an instant, one character running for her life in bright daytime and apparently still running for her life in pitch darkness. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

We’re not laughing but some of the actors are as you can see some of them visibly laughing as they are getting killed. A massive shame as one of the things the movie has going for it, is its gory deaths. Throats slashed in graphic detail and in one scene, a girl’s arms ripped off. An unexpected surprise, a positive one unlike the many negative ones.

Bigfoot Wars 4

Ones such as the overly crass and unnecessary dialogue and forced in female nudity and sex scenes. Go watch a porno instead, at least the sound and visual quality will be better! Hell, even the acting will probably be more enjoyable.

The star of the film is Holt Boggs as the Sheriff, who has a backstory that sees him at loggerheads with his young adult daughter. He narrates a lot of the movie in this hilariously bad whisper about this time serving in the army and the horrors he saw. That should make him a sympathetic character but through flashbacks we see that he was abusive to his wife which resulted in her leaving him. It’s implied that he came back with some form of PTSD but without detail, which we don’t get, it just makes him wholly unlikable.

Bigfoot Wars 5

That narration…it’s like a spoof of Sin City.

The Sasquatch costumes are so-so. We’ve seen worse, way worse but these still look pretty fake. However, the actors in the suits portray them with aggression which is a welcome touch. One of the only acting highlights worth noting.

Bigfoot Wars is smart enough to not overstay its welcome, coming at just short of 80 minutes. Yet it still drags in the latter half as we get down to a hunt that will see most either fall asleep or just switch off.


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Bigfoot Wars
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