Horror Movie Review: Bad Apples (2018)

“They’re Rotten to the Core.”

Written & directed by Bryan Coyne, Bad Apples sees two twisted teenagers go on a rampage through a neighbourhood on Halloween night. Starring Brea Grant, Graham Skipper, Andrea Collins and Danielle Reverman, Bad Apples is a home invasion/slasher horror. One that feels far too familiar to really enjoy.

Bad Apples 2

A young couple who choose not to celebrate the holiday end up getting terrorised by the diabolical duo. The young girls wear masks & seem to enjoy playing tricks, unfortunately these inevitably end in bloodshed. The killers have no remorse killing anyone they come across with a certain kind of glee.

Bad Apples 3

We may not see their faces but you can tell they’re enjoying themselves. Their characters, while basic are the most enjoyable thing about the movie as they come across incredibly menacing. They tease & play with their victims before delivering brutal bodily harm.

There are few complaints to have in regards to the acting. While the victims are hardly memorable they are good fodder for the real stars, the bad apples.

Bad Apples 4

It is a gory film & some of the effects are very impressive. On that front Bad Apples can’t be faulted. However, it does have its issues.

This town appears to have no police force. These girls begin their murdering by killing their principal at their school earlier in the day. A crime that would have been instantly attributed to them but it’s never mentioned again. As they go house to house, they kill constantly with not a police siren in sight. It’s silly & stretching the boundaries of what we as the viewer can believe.

Bad Apples 5

A disappointing ending that just elects snorts of laughter thanks to the absurdity of it is bad enough but an extremely unnecessary ‘epilogue’ that goes on for far too long is too much. This tacked on 10 plus minutes serves absolutely no purpose & feels like padding.

It’s a pity that the movie goes so off the rails as decent music, good visuals, great villains & good gore should have been enough.

Bad Apples 6

Bad Apples will be available on the 6th February 2018 via Video on Demand. Check out the trailer below.


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Bad Apples
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