Horror Movie Review: Attack of the Adult Babies (2018)

Attack of the Adult Babies promises tongue in cheek silliness with plenty of toilet humour and unsurprisingly it delivers on both. Just be prepared for not a lot else in the way of entertainment.

Adult Babies 2

From the moment is starts, Attack of the Adult Babies makes itself clear just what kind of movie it is. A dysfunctional family are playing a board game when the daughter accuses her brother of having her underpants hidden under his bed. Things were already pretty awkward and this doesn’t make things any easier. The acting is pretty bad here and when two Russian mobsters break in things get worse. These two are not very convincing at all and their accents are pretty horrendous.

If you’ve not decided to switch off already, things don’t’ get much better as they order three of the family; the mother, daughter and son to go to a secluded manor house and steal some top secret documents. The father remains behind as their hostage but once his family has left, he reveals that he is in cahoots with the mobsters.

Just another random plot-point jammed into a film that throws so many ideas at the wall seemingly desperate to find something that will stick. Very little does though.

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When the family arrive at the manor they discover it is a secret retreat where the upper-class of Englishmen act out their fantasies of pretending to be babies.

It’s as gross as it sounds except this movie figures what anyone really wants to see when it comes to this scenario is a whole lot of shit. So much that it literally stains the walls in some scenes. Fun.

Adult Babies 4

Now what really is unusual about Attack of the Adult Babies is that we don’t really get much in the way of adult babies attacking people. There are a few scenes but these are often cut short. To be replaced by random and utterly pointless sequences where the filmmakers try different ideas. We get stop-motion, 2D animation, a CGI giant pig monster and alien spaceships. It’s an absolute confused mess that doesn’t entertain at all and you’ll be left scratching your head as to why they were even included. It’s called Attack of the Adult Babies, for goodness sake!

Adult Babies 5

The only real thing the movie has going for it, is the some of the gore. Near the end in particular things ramp up a bit thanks to the introduction of a chainsaw. That being said, it’s not like there aren’t hundreds of better movies with better stories and better effects out there.

If you think toilet humour spread across an 80 minute film is something that you’ll enjoy then maybe you’ll get a kick out of Attack of the Adult Babies. For the rest it’s likely the only thought that will remain is ‘what was the point’?

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Attack of the Adult Babies
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