Horror Movie Review: American Fright Fest (2018)

Originally called Fright Fest, American Fright Fest is one of the many ‘Halloween’ themed horror movies you’re going to see this year. It doesn’t really try, forgetting the need for interesting characters in favour of buckets of blood and gore.

It’s not a problem though as American Fright Fest isn’t pretending to be anything but a gory slasher flick. It doesn’t make it great but it makes it watchable.

Fright Fest 6

In an attempt to boost his popularity a small-town mayor decides to re-open an old asylum hosting a live fright fest. To ensure it’s considered the best one ever, he hires horror director, Spencer Crowe (Dylan Walsh). Unfortunately, Crowe is well and truly washed up, more interested in drinking and taking drugs then anything else. Still, under his direction things come together at the asylum just in time for Halloween night.

Fright Fest 1

Oh, but what is this? A bus full of insane criminals has crashed nearby! One in particular has a bloodthirst like no other and makes his way to the haunt. There he is greeted as if he is part of the show until the killings start for real.

There is hope for the survivors though. One of the other criminals who was locked up for killing his parents may not have actually done it. He also makes his way to the haunt with the plan to stop any more death!

Fright Fest 7

American Fright Fest is fun thanks to an abundance of gore and some good turns by the likes of Dylan Walsh and the psychotic Johnathan Camp. The former looks to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he snorts his way into oblivion all while watching the slaughter on camera. His realisation that he can turn the events into his greatest horror movie ever makes him incredibly unlikable. He might even be the real villain of this film!

Fright Fest 3

Unfortunately, he is the only cast member that stands out. The rest are all inter-changeable nobodies who you’ll care nothing for at all but we’re not watching American Fright Fest for them.

No, we’re watching it for the violence and gore. The killer quickly gets his hands on a bag full of nasty weapons (including a chainsaw), dons a mask and goes on the rampage. He is brutal and unforgiving in his violent tendencies even though at first, the watching crowds think it is all part of the show.

Fright Fest 8

That adds a bit of tongue in cheek fun to proceedings as we wait for the penny to drop. When it does, chaos ensues. However, there is no way out thanks to the killer sealing off the exits and electrifying them.

Let the blood flow! Sit back and let it wash over you!


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American Fright Fest
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