Horror Movie Review: All the Devils Are Here (2014)

An ode to 80’s videotape horror (where have we heard that before?), All the Devils Are Here is a shoe-string budget horror from writer/director Ryan Lightbourn. Originally released under the title of Sleep Walkers in 2014, it was re-released on VOD in 2017 giving it much a wider audience. Something that we can all be grateful for as All the Devils Are Here is a good movie. One that rises above its flaws to stick in the memory.

Let this be a lesson to all budget filmmakers…if you put the effort in, you can make magic happen. Although the magic in All the Devils Are Here takes a little while to take effect.

A slow start, five friends head off to the backwoods of Florida to party hard. It’s a tried and tested setup but does mean we have to spend some time getting to know the characters, as bare-bones as they are.

Of course, it’s not long before we’re hearing folklore stories about demonic creatures that are said to exist in the woods. It’s just a story though, right?

Well, for these young adults they’re about to find out that not all legends are fake. As a demonic infection/possession starts to spread through the town. One that can be passed on to others through bites (ala zombies) but results in some pretty gruesome transformations.

While it takes a little bit of time to get going, once it does, holy hell does it get wild. If you’re a fan of eye-wateringly gruesome gore and practical effects, you’re going to have a great time here. Lightbourn has a touch that will shock and amaze, clearly having no qualms about what to show in regards to taste. Without spoiling anything, everyone who sees this will remember it for one particularly disturbing scene involving a tentacle and demonic birth.

All that excitement aside, it’s the latter part of the film that really makes this a worthwhile watch. Especially as new characters are introduced with Doo-Doo Brown’s on the run convict Tre becoming a firm favourite.

If the movie had stuck with just the initial cast, it might not be so easy to talk so favourably about it. Happily that’s not the case, so while you might not be initially won over by All the Devils Are Here, stick with it and you’ll find an uber-gory and surprising horror throwback.


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All the Devils Are Here
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