Horror Movie Review: Aaaaaaaah! (2015)

Aaaaaaaah! is certainly a unique movie. A horror comedy that seems designed to offend, make you laugh & gross you out. A film starring some of the cream of British comedy, amazingly it contains no dialogue. All the cast instead communicate entirely in animalistic grunts.

From the opening few minutes you know you’re in for an odd watch as we see two men, Smith (Steve Oram) and Keith (Tom Meeten) crying over the photo of a woman in the woods. They both then take turns urinating over the picture followed by Keith drying off Smith’s penis.

Aaaaaaaah 2

It’s a head-scratching start which is quickly followed by the introduction of Denise (Lucy Honigman), & her mother, Barbara (Toyah Willcox) who is preparing dinner. The pair watch a cookery show in which the topless host prepares meat in an extremely unappetising way.

Confused? Well…there’s more.

Aaaaaaaah 3

Smith and Keith follow a man called Og (Sean Reynard) & catch him masturbating in public using a mouse. They attack him & scare him off where he then returns to his ‘alpha’, Ryan (Julian Rhind-Tutt). Ryan runs the household that also houses Denise & Barbara where he previously ousted the last alpha, Jupiter (Julian Barratt) who now lives under a tree in the background.

Aaaaaaaah 4

If you’re struggling to understand just what on earth Aaaaaaaah! is you’re not alone. For the first 30-40 minutes it makes little sense & really isn’t that appealing a watch. The grimy look & animalistic behaviour of the characters makes for an uneasy experience.

However once the backstory of Jupiter & the impending clash of the alphas (Ryan & Smith) starts to play out it becomes quite an endearing & fascinating movie. The performances are just excellent. With no dialogue every emotion & act is portrayed with ease. This is a horror movie but not in the conventional sense. It’s more about the harrowing behaviour & general depressive environment of everything & everyone.

Aaaaaaaah 5

It never fully reveals just what has happened to people or if it is even the same world as our own but it doesn’t matter as it smartly focuses on a small group. It’s ugly to look, graphic in sexual content & even has some violently gory moments but it is a fascinating watch. You just need to get through the confusing first 30-odd minutes.

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