Horror Book Review: Wild, Dark Times (Austin Case)

From Austin Case comes Wild, Dark Times. A fantasy horror that focuses more on the artistic side of its characters by effectively stressing the importance of appreciating individualism.

An interesting, often fun and always fast-paced read, Wild, Dark Times is worthy of your time.

Set in the summer of 2012, we’re introduced to Elizabeth Megalos. A young woman who works in a bank while attending art-school, her life is fairly mundane. That is until one evening she is attacked by a young co-worker possessed by a demonic force.

Elizabeth is saved by a man named Eddy who reveals that he is a sorcerer. A wise-cracking joker, Eddy is a bit of mystery as he can’t actually remember his past but he insists Elizabeth has to come with him. Why? Only to save the world from a force determined to enact visions of doom from the Book of Revelation.

Alongside Hugh, a sceptic but scholar of the occult, they go to meet Eddy’s friends. All who possess their own brand of magical abilities and just so happen to be in a new-age rock band.

Through a ton of drug taking, psychedelic experiences and more…the group slowly uncover the plan for Armageddon. Will they be able to stop it?

It’s a good plot with excellent pacing and some well thought out detail in regards to the psychedelic experiences. What initially seems a little hammy, ends up being an integral part of the story and helps move it along nicely. So much so that it’s an easy page turner even if it’s not so easy to connect with most of the experiences had here.

It’s not a flawless read though as some of the characters fail to grip, haphazardly introduced making it feel like a page or two was missing. It’s not just with characters that this issue arises though as the story has a habit of fast-forwarding through big and important plot points. This unfortunately makes them less important which is often not the case.

It’s good for keeping the plot moving at a decent pace but can sometimes make for a disconnected headspace. None the less, Case’s writing style is very readable and Wild, Dark Times is more than enjoyable.




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Wild, Dark Times (Austin Case)
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