Horror Book Review: Three Days in Ashford (Ty Tracey)

Written by Ty Tracey, Three Days in Ashford tells the story of Daniel Hallowell, a household name thanks to his television show surrounding paranormal activity. He is a massive success with a loving wife and teenage daughter. As well as a tight-knit crew and the freedom to explore and document the most haunted locations in the world. All this following a pretty rough upbringing that saw him end up in foster home after foster home.

It’s while on route to investigate a supposed paranormal site that Daniel and his crew meet a stranger. One who has sought them out as he comes from a seemingly abandoned town that he claims is the most haunted place on earth. The name of this town? Ashford.

Daniel is intrigued by this place so agrees to switch up the plan and head to Ashford with his team. It’s a decision that he will regret for the rest of his life and his team’s lives.

Ashford is a bad place but what haunts it is nothing that Daniel or us as readers could ever expect.

Ashford 2

Three Days in Ashford is a well-written horror that grips page by page. The setup is executed well and as we go deeper down the rabbit hole, it becomes difficult to put down. The pacing is excellent letting each new development come naturally and never feeling overwhelming. No easy task as the story unravels and more and more plot threads are pulled.

It feels like the story takes place over weeks and weeks but it is just three days, Three Days in Ashford. It is a paranormal horror but not what you might expect. The direction it goes in asks a lot of the reader and a hell of a lot of information is thrown your way in the final third.

Some very big questions are asked. Ones that are deeper and more meaningful then just a bog-standard ghost story. However, it pushes its luck with some of the developments and the dialogue becomes a little ropey. It gives you much to think about once the final pages are reached and a twist in the tale suggest we might see more from this world in the future.

That would be very welcome.


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Three Days in Ashford (Ty Tracey)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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