Horror Book Review: Delta (Tom Starita)

The Universe has a plan, independent from the wants of man.

Tom Starita is the author of, ‘Two Ways to Sunday,’ ‘Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated’ and his latest novel is Delta, due out on August 4th, 2022. Yes, you have a little wait for this one but take my word for it, it’s going to be worth it.

The plot is one steeped in mystery, one where the full picture doesn’t come into view until the final few pages and you’re left both satisfied and thirsty for more. Jason Carico has had more grief than any one person should ever have to put up with. The death of his wife and the death of his father is horrendous enough but throw in the death of his eight-year-old daughter and you can understand why he is on the brink.

Her name was Delta and she drowned in an unfortunate accident two months before the events of the book pick up. No body was found, so Jason buried an empty coffin. His daughter is dead so who is the girl in his basement claiming to be Delta? A girl that looks and acts exactly like his daughter.

Frightened, desperate and confused, Jason keeps Delta locked up in the basement while he attempts to figure out just what is going on. He doesn’t believe this ‘thing’ to be Delta even though he desperately wants too.

The problem for Jason is that the longer this situation has gone on, the harder it has become to deal with. Delta’s lack of understanding for the situation, the resurfacing of old wounds and a town with a very dark and troubled past is turning a nightmare into something much, much worse.

Delta doesn’t just deal with the return of a dead child, it also touches upon cults, corruption, the divide between rich & poor, racial tensions, abuse and more. It sounds like it might be a bit messy but thanks to clever jumps in time that give impeccable detail, it all fits neatly together. Making the characters fully-fleshed out and making the events feel important.

You’ve heard the old adage ‘you won’t be able to put this down’ and while it is cliché, it exists for a reason. It exists as a simple description for something that is intensely addictive. It exists as a simple way to describe a story like Delta.

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Perhaps a better way to explain just how great a read it is, I should mention two moments that made me stop and take a breath. A breath because what was happening on the pages was heart-pounding and engrossing. No spoilers but two moments, amongst many, that really showed that Tom Starita is an excellent story-teller.

Firstly, the step into cult territory and the terrifying realisation of what is about to happen. Secondly, the finale. Where things come to a head in jaw-dropping fashion. These moments mattered because the characters mattered.

Delta is a book well worth reading. One that deals with dramatic subjects while crafting a suspenseful horror tale. Tom Starita hinted in his concluding message that a sequel isn’t out of the question. Here’s hoping that statement is more than just a playful wink.


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