Horror Book Review: The Book of David: Chapter Five (Robert Kent)

Robert Kent is the author of the horror novels The Book of David and All Together Now: A Zombie Story. The former a series of five lengthy chapters telling the story of David Walters. An atheist man who was brought up by his minister father to believe that Satan would one day deceive all mankind by pretending his demons were extra-terrestrials.

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This review of part four will include spoilers for part one, two, three and four!

Jesus Wants To Give YOU Eternal Life.

So here we are…the big finale of Robert Kent’s story, one that has been filled with emotional twists and turns. One that has been steeped in intrigue, excitement & mystery. One that introduced the Walters family, a group of characters that we’ve lived with over 1500 pages. It’s been a rough road for David & Miriam Walters. They’ve been through so much already but Chapter Five will see the culmination of David’s purpose. A purpose that has been building & building across the chapters.

Here, everything you’ve feared or hoped for comes true. We’ve seen the signs already but here all the answers are revealed & David’s goal is reached. Well, sexy Jesus’ goal really.

Not that it’s as straight-forward as that though. Chapter Five sees our man initially lose his fate. Angry that his wife & son were both badly injured in the destruction of 1112 Torrance Avenue. David rejects sexy Jesus & enjoys swearing, fornicating with his wife & even a little bit booze here & there. Not that it bothers sexy Jesus though, he knows what David needs to do & eventually wins him back around thanks to the healing hands David possesses when he has faith.

We need the lightness of David & Miriam’s reconnecting as this is a book filled with darkness. All the questions are answered & not a lot of it is particularly nice. At the halfway point you can’t help but sit back & see David in a way that you may have never wanted to see him. Is he really a good man? Is this really the will of God?

Like him, you have to have faith but as he leads his congregation to their big finale, it’s easy to want to turn away. As the culmination of the story is reached, it becomes an extremely emotional read. You can only shake your head in acceptance as this was the only way it could have ended.

As a finale, The Book of David: Chapter Five doesn’t let us down. It’s near perfect.

I can’t recommend this series enough. It’s fascinating take on corporate America, religion, security and alien conspiracies. All told through the life of David Walters & his family.

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The Book of David: Chapter Five (Robert Kent)
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