Halloween Horror Short: Tonight Is Halloween (2016)

Tonight is Halloween tells a very familiar story, one that crops up a lot in Halloween horror shorts. A person, in this case a teen named Keeden, dislikes Halloween and refuses to go out or answer his door to trick or treaters.

He’s so desperate to avoid anything to do with Halloween that when a group of trick or treaters knock on his door, he turns the volume down on his TV to pretend he is not there.

The kids outside are a bit enthusiastic though and not willing to just go away without their treats.

No treats? Time for a trick. Keeden is going to wish he had just answered the door and given them some candy.

Tonight is Halloween has some effective creep to it, some clever shots and foreboding music builds tension. This is a well done horror with a decent payoff too. Its only real flaw is that it’s a little too long, it probably could have had a minute shaved off the run-time and it wouldn’t have changed anything.

Check it out yourself below.

Tonight Is Halloween (2016)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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