Halloween Horror Interview: Paul Waller of OHHMS

Games, Brrraaains & Head-Banging Life are very pleased to bring you an interview with Paul Waller, the vocalist of post-metal band, OHHMS! As a big horror fan, this interview takes an in-depth look at the frontman’s horror tastes and favourite horror films.

OHHMS second album ‘Exist’ comes out November 9 on Holy Roar Records and can be ordered here. You can read our review of the previously released single, Shambles here and the full album review here.

1. What is your go to horror movie? The one that stands the test of time? And why?

It has To be ‘Hellraiser‘ from 1987. I was so young watching it on VHS for the first time, I remember bringing it into school & getting in so much trouble, my parents were called in & everything. I carried it everywhere with me though, which looking back is pretty weird I guess. It was my horror holy grail in my youth & has stuck with me ever since.

Its still so dark & the script’s use of adult diction & lack of in depth onscreen explanations keeps me engaged as an adult viewer.

Paul Weller 2

2. Zombies, Werewolves, Aliens, Vampires, Ghosts: Give us one movie that features each of those baddies that you would recommend!

ZOMBIES = The Video Dead (1987)
WEREWOLVES = An American Werewolf In London (1981)
ALIENS = Under The Skin (2013)
VAMPIRES = Near Dark (1987)
GHOSTS = Stir Of Echoes (1999)

3. What drew you towards horror? Why does it appeal so much?

It has to be escapism right? My upbringing was hard, my dad was a bully & a violent drunk so I escaped into a world of rock music & horror films, it was my safe place & I guess it still is. We all need an outlet, music & horror films are mine. Music I can now create & horror I can consume & consume, I never get full.

4. Are you more of a classic horror fan (Universal/Hammer Horror), an exploitation/slasher fan (70s/80s), a 90’s fan or modern horror fan? Why does that particular era appeal to you?

I must admit that when looking in my collection, the 80s is where most of my viewing time is spent but I like it all. My least favourite time for horror was when Scream produced a glut of polished commercial shit in the mid to late 90s. There were some nuggets to be found in that era though but you have to did deep to find them.

Paul Weller 3

I have to say I’m not the biggest slasher fan as the medium has pretty much been rinsed to death & if a film contains a rape scene I pretty much switch it off & bin it. Anything else? I am pretty much game.

5. If you could be killed by any villain in a horror who would it be and why?

Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire. Just suck the life straight out of me. That’s a pretty nasty way to go.

Paul Weller 4

6. How do you feel about remakes/reimaginings?

I can think of a couple that have really worked. The Thing with Kurt Russell, The Blob with Kevin Dillon I really like, The Fly is awesome as well. More recently the Evil Dead remake was cool but I can’t think of any others right now though… Did you see the Psycho remake? That was the worst one of all. Simply the worst, a hot pile of garbage.

7. Does anything scare you anymore or like many a horror fan have you become so desensitised that it is impossible to be scared anymore?

Hmmm… let me think… You know what? I’ve never thought about that before. But you’re right, I haven’t felt scared by a film since Paranormal Activity which was some nine years ago now. That’s mad to think. I am now immune to horror. It’s like a super power right?

Paul Weller 5

8. If you could wipe one film/franchise from the face of the earth in horror, what would it be?

The Scream franchise or the Child’s Play franchise. Set fire to the lot of them. Then nuke them.