Game Soundtrack Review: Future Unfolding (Minimum Records)

Award-winning developer Spaces of Play have partnered up with Minimum Records to release the soothing soundtrack to Future Unfolding soundtrack on vinyl. The vinyl album comes on heavyweight, clear 180g vinyl with stunning laser-cut artwork by Anouvong Southiphong.

Future Unfolding 1

Featuring the talents of composers Thomas Carleberg and Emil Nilsson, the vinyl includes 13 tracks that take listeners on a dark and moving journey through slow-burning ambient synth pieces mixed with subtly lush orchestral works.

You can order it now over at Minimum Records but they are extremely limited. Only 200 vinyl albums are being released. Fans of the Future Unfolding soundtrack can purchase and download the high-quality digital OST today here.

Future Unfolding 2

About Future Unfolding

Future Unfolding was released in March 2017 for the PC, Mac, and PS4. Future Unfolding has received over 20 awards and nominations for its excellence in visual arts, innovation and play-ability.

About Spaces of Play

Spaces of Play UG is an independent game studio based in Berlin, Germany. Its members Mattias Ljungström, Marek Plichta and Andreas Zecher initially met in University, before parting ways for a few years. In 2010 they reunited to make the highly regarded puzzle game Spirits. Their most recent game is Future Unfolding, an action adventure game for PC, Mac & PS4 that’s focused on exploration.

About Minimum Records

Minimum Records is a record label based in London that’s focused on producing stunning video game vinyl albums. Minimum Records is currently producing limited vinyl albums for Future Unfolding and Lightfield.

Future Unfolding 4

Released early into 2017, Future Unfolding is top-down action adventure where exploration through the dream-like landscape is the dominant task. As you explore you learn what you can & can’t interact with, the narrative driving you on to explore & find answers. All within a peaceful environment that is enhanced by the stunning game soundtrack.

This isn’t a review for the Future Unfolding, it’s a review for the soundtrack. You see, we adore video game music. We enjoy the emotions that a great piece of music can make us feel, we know that without a great soundtrack many scenes or moments wouldn’t have had the same impact.

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Its a genuine pleasure when a game soundtrack captures the imagination, music that is so good that you don’t have to know or play the game to really enjoy it. Games like Thomas Was Alone, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7, Donkey Kong Country 2…if the soundtrack is good, you’ll be able to picture the game just by hearing the music.

Future Unfolding is such a game soundtrack. Composed by Thomas Carleberg & Emil Nilsson, this is a soundtrack that fits the game so well. One that lifts your spirits (The Drop is a Small Ocean, Patterns) to ones that leave you teary-eyed (Rhetor, Badabing Badabum, Future Unfolding).

Future Unfolding 5

The sense of wonder that comes from the haunting tunes fits the exploration theme perfectly. You can picture huge landscapes, wandering free to find what you can out in the world. It’s hopeful but not without a twinge of sadness, tension or oppression (Death Can Open Up a Door, Altered the Constellation, Dont Even Think of Taking Over).

The narrative being told is clear within the tunes. Beauty turns to discovery which becomes sadness which leads to tension & darkness before the light shines through at the end.

If you enjoy beauty in your game music then you’ve come to the right place. The Future Unfolding soundtrack is an excellently crafted piece of work. Liable to leave you with a big but ‘somewhat’ sad smile. A soundtrack this good deserves its own release. Go listen to it yourself, you won’t regret it.

Future Unfolding 6


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