Game Review: Urban Street Fighting (Nintendo Switch)

This is how Urban Street Fighting is described on the official Nintendo website:

Find the original fighting experience with this hardcore beat’em up game. Defeats your opponents with amazing stunts and blows. Full 3D, Action-packed with realistic physics, single player or local multiplayer, this game will bring you hours of fun.

Now, let’s use that statement but reword it to reflect the true Urban Street Fighting experience.

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Find the same fighting experience you’ve had a thousand times before with this softcore beat ‘em up ‘game’. Inverted commas because calling this a game is an insult to games in general. Defeats your opponents with horrible punches and kicks that seem to have the singular goal of making your head explode through the infuriating controls. Full 3D that looks like shit, boring as hell with the worst physics for a fighting game in some time. Single player is painful, local multiplayer will at least make two of you laugh, this game will bring you 10 mins of horror.

That’s not the screen turning red, it’s just your eyes beginning to bleed.

It’s no secret that the Nintendo storefront is getting a bit ‘Steamy’ in regards to quality control. The freedom given to indie developers has meant a whole host of badly made games regularly pop up under new releases. It’s not quite wading through a cesspool of crap just yet but it’s beginning to make your socks wet.

While we all want our console storefronts to be free and open to all, games like Urban Street Fighting make you question that. It is without a shadow of a doubt, the worst game on the Nintendo Switch to date. Developer Pix Arts should be ashamed of themselves.

Words can’t quite do this trash justice but don’t buy it. It’s not even worth playing if it was free. Check out our attempt to play it below to get some idea of what it is like. Who doesn’t want to play as iconic characters such as Soccer Boy, Boxer and Mike?


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Urban Street Fighting
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