Game Review: Unpacking (Xbox Series X)

Sometimes, the simplest thing can be the most satisfying, and that is what developer Witch Beam had at the forefront of their mind when it came to creating Unpacking. A game simply about unpacking. Yet, somehow has more depth than anyone could expect, and provides a relaxing puzzle experience that every gamer can enjoy.

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Your role is to unpack boxes of items in rooms of a house, spread across several moves that spans two decades of a person’s life. A life, that has seen many ups and downs, and a life that comes more and more into focus as it is unpacked. It’s not what you would expect from such a simple game, but it certainly makes it all the better for existing.

As each level starts, you can move through the rooms, where boxes await, ready to be unpacked. Open one up, and start pulling out the items, which is where the puzzle aspect comes into play.

You will need to find a place for items and in most circumstances, you’re going to have to think about where you place things. The difficulty increasing as the game won’t just let you dump everything on the floor (unless you turn that setting on in the options). That being said, there is creative freedom, and because of limited space, you’re often going to have to explore this aspect.

This seems like a lesson about what we accrue through life, and how we struggle to leave things behind, even when we simply don’t have the capacity to keep them anymore. It’s literal and metaphorical, just more of the Unpacking hidden depths.

Yet, there is something so satisfying about putting every dish away, making sure every toiletry item ends up in the bathroom, making sure the plants are getting enough light, and that your endless clothes collection isn’t just piled up on a chair. The click and place gameplay, with really appealing and sharp visuals, makes each new open box, a delight to explore. If you’re a stickler for neatness, and the placement of items, you’re going to really sink into Unpacking.

Of course, as fun and relaxing as this can be, it’s a very limited game and attention-lacking gamers will likely find themselves bored quite quickly. Especially as to really delve into the story, you have to actively seek out items that detail it, and see the progression of the life as more than just another level.

Do, and you’ll find that Unpacking is a much more satisfying game because of this. Its longevity will vary, depending on how meticulous you are, but everyone should get a couple of hours of fun and relaxation out of it, regardless.


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Unpacking (Xbox Series X)
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