Game Review: Tornado Rush! (Mobile – Free to Play)

Tornado Rush is a free to play endless runner where the aim of the game is to escape a tornado. Set a high score by making it as far as you can. All while avoiding the many obstacles that threaten to slow you down.

Along the way you can pick up coins that are used to unlock chests where you can unlock new vehicles & characters.

Tornado Rush 2

Gameplay is simple, you control a vehicle using left & right arrows to keep as far ahead of the tornado as possible. Hitting obstacles slows you down. If you hit too many you’ll be caught & sucked up into it.

Tornado Rush 3

The controls are a bit off as moving left or right tends to put you in a kind of drift. It makes dodging the obstacles quite tough. Add that everything slows you down & it will take some serious practice to really get good at this.

It’s not really worth it though as with most endless runners there really isn’t much to bring you back after you’ve played it a handful of times. There are plenty of vehicles & characters to collect but as they don’t affect gameplay at all there is no real incentive.

Tornado Rush 4

Hilariously should you decide you want to drop some real money into getting a new vehicle or character then you can. However, each one costs 99p. So, with that mind if you were crazy enough to buy every vehicle from the start it would cost you £19.80. Do the same with characters & it would cost you £14.85.

Tornado Rush 5

Tornado Rush isn’t finished with its in-app purchases yet though. For the shockingly overpriced amount of £2.99 you can double all your coin pickups. Seemingly worthwhile especially as you can increase your coin multiplier in game by completing missions. It’s only when you realise that all you’re doing is paying to make the game even more pointless that it becomes a rip-off. Think about it, you earn coins quicker, you unlock boxes & earn all the vehicles & characters…then what? All your left with is high scores!

Tornado Rush 6

Still though, Tornado Rush is not finished asking for money. Keys are used to continue a failed run, increase the strength of powerups & skip tricky missions. Each cost 2 keys & at the start the game gives you the grand total of…3.

Want more? 3 more will cost you 99p with the highest priced ones costing £9.99 for 90 keys. Just look at this rubbish! There aren’t many free to play games on the market that try to separate you from your cash in quite the many ways that Tornado Rush does.

Tornado Rush 7

To make matters even more questionable it also runs ads! An ad as soon as you boot it up, an ad after every failed run. As a free to play game it is naturally going to want to get some money back but here nothing is worth it, nothing is fairly priced. There is no value here.

It’s not even as if it’s a particularly great endless runner either!


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Tornado Rush!
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