Game Review: The Mystery of the Crimson Manor (Mobile)

As an ace reporter, you’ve been invited by the mysterious Mr, Strange to attend his mansion where he will reveal his latest discovery. Arriving there you discover the mansion seemingly deserted with clues left dotted around that seem to suggest odd things have been occurring.

The Mystery of Crimson Manor is point and click puzzle game with pretty photo-esqe graphics. The backgrounds are stationary with items to pick up, documents to read and plenty of puzzles to solve.


The story is put together by the documents & notes you find, there are no characters to talk too. It’s hardly the most thrilling of stories but does have plenty of intrigue, sadly the ending doesn’t satisfy.

What are satisfying though are the puzzles, perfectly placed with just the right amount of difficulty. The mansion has a Resident Evil feel about it, not in style of course but the way the puzzles make progression difficult. It requires you to back-track & un-piece one puzzle that will then bleed into the next.


There isn’t much else to say about the game, its music fits well but is hardly memorable. The point and click style works well with a touch screen phone or tablet, no delays or freezing issues.

The game isn’t very long…split into 3 acts that separate new locations in the mansion and surrounding areas. I finished it in about an hour & that included getting stuck at a particular puzzle for a fair amount of time.


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The Mystery of the Crimson Manor
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