Game Review: The Forgotten Treasure (Mobile)

A point and click adventure game from Peeking Peacock, the creators of the good ‘The Man from Hmmbridge’, The Forgotten Treasure is another throwback to classics such as Broken Sword, Discworld and Monkey Island.

Treasure 2

There isn’t much in the way of story, you’re an adventurer hunting for hidden treasure. Played from the first-person perspective, the bright and clean colours are instantly appealing. As is the very simplistic gameplay. Touch the screen to interact with objects and if they can be picked up they automatically go in your inventory.

Treasure 3

Every item you do pick up serves a use, it’s just a matter of finding where they are used. Not that The Forgotten Treasure is a difficult game by any stretch. If you do get stuck simply trying every item you have will solve the problem for you. When you do eventually find the solution it’s often a head-slapping moment as you think ‘of course’.

Treasure 4

There are only a handful of locations to explore, done in scene-style rather then giving you free movement. However the sharpness and simplicity of the visuals makes each location jump off the screen.

Even with the occasional road-block, The Forgotten Treasure is short. 30-60 minutes max depending on your skill level. Regular point and click players will feel at home and likely fly through its short run time. Just about worth its 99p/99c price.

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The Forgotten Treasure
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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