Game Review: Sugar, Sugar (Mobile)

Sugar, Sugar is a simple to pick up & play but increasingly challenging game available on mobile devices now for a super low price (49p).

75 levels that asks you to get enough sugar into waiting cups. You do this by drawing lines & shapes on the screen to direct the sugar with more & more puzzle elements introduced as you progress. Elements that include having to direct different coloured sugar streams into different coloured cups or switches in gravity!

Sugar 2

As soon as the level begins the sugar starts pouring forcing you to act instantly, it keeps gameplay frantic as you’re quickly drawing lines & shapes to direct the falling sugar. With you able to draw anything you want it can be quite fun to direct the sugar in amusing (and childish) ways.

Sugar 3

Make a mistake and you can reset the level with the push of one button, this kind of quick ‘pick up & play’ is just another highlight of a game that really keeps on giving. Addictive gameplay…the kind that drives you to just have ‘one more go’.

As well as the huge amount of levels there is also a sandbox mode where you can mess around with all the different ways you can direct sugar. It’s nothing special but it’s something extra added into a game that is packed with content.

Sugar 4

Most importantly its low price makes it a worthwhile purchase.


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Sugar, Sugar
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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