Game Review: Rope Man Run (Mobile – Free to Play)

Rope Man Run is a free to play game from Supersonic Studios that puts you in control of a character made out of ropes. Your character runs, hence the title, and you must get them to the end of the course. All while dodging obstacles that will make you lose ropes and picking up yarn to grow bigger.

Sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? There are a lot of these games on the free to play market now and the formula has been pretty much perfected.

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Supersonic Studios have made a few themselves. Such as Hair Challenge and Human Vehicle. Sure, they’re a developer that lacks imagination (just look at their catalogue online to see that) but they know how to make these games play and play well.

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with Rope Man Run and when held up against a lot of other free to play games, it stands tall. Mainly because gameplay is so simple and easy to get to grips with but also because it has reasons to keep on playing. Not exactly a ton of reasons but enough to turn a 10-minute timewaster into a 30-minute time sink.

Aside from there being enough variation in levels to challenge, you can also use earned gems in a few different ways. You can increase your stats, change the colour of your rope and even buy hats. Yes, it is basic stuff but it’s there and you can spend a bit of time collecting them all should you want too.

As far as free to play games go, it really isn’t too bad. Even the obnoxious ad spam that exists can be ignored simply by turning your Wi-fi off. You’ll want to do that too as Rope Man Run likes to hammer you with ads. Although some unlockable content is behind ads meaning you’ll have to make a choice there.

It’s not going to give you hours and hours of fun. They never do, but if you have a slightly longer journey, it’s a decent enough timewaster.

Rope Man Run (Mobile - Free to Play)
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