Game Review: Rich Scary Women (Mobile – Free to Play)

Have you heard of Granny? The horror game that took the mobile game world by storm…for some reason. In it, you had five days to escape the house by solving puzzles all while the titular character stalked the halls. We reviewed it here. Its popularity would eventually get a sequel called Granny: Chapter Two (read our review here) and of course, many copycats.

For the most part we’ve avoided checking out these cash in attempts as they’re often lazy, poorly made experiences. However, this one got our attention. For all the wrong reasons.

First there is the title. Rich Scary Women…what on bloody earth kind of a title is that? I don’t know just who Bassma Apps are but their lack of care when it comes to translations is hilarious.

Rich Scary Women startling is the proprietor of the house, Mad Rich Scary Women is separated from everyone else so she needs help to keep you secured in the house.

That there is the official description on the App store page. Some cursory scrolling down will also reveal some of their other titles. Games like Pennywise Scary Games 3D, Barbi Granny Mod and Calling Lady Granny.

From all of this. it’s clear that Bassma Apps aren’t in it to make good games but rather see what money they can make without putting much effort in at all.

Case in point…Rich Scary Women. A free to play game that unashamedly rips off Granny. Not just in gameplay which is exactly the same but in how it looks. Rich Scary Women is basically the same game but uglier…somehow.

Not only that, but its gameplay is seriously flawed to the point that it’s just not fun. It’s confusing and disorientating, the kind of experience that just makes you want to turn it off.

Horror? Not a chance as the Rich Scary Women’s AI is broken. She is easy to avoid and that’s even if she finds you. Don’t wait for her, just avoid this rip-off mess completely.


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Rich Scary Women
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