Game Review: Ramp Car Jumping (Mobile – Free to Play)

With a simple formula and addictive gameplay, Ramp Car Jumping is a surprisingly fun free to play game. This review is for version 1.6.1.

You control a car that sits atop of a humongous ramp and your goal is to get the car down the ramp, off the jump at the end and as far as possible. Touch and hold the screen to get the car moving then let gravity do the rest.

Once off the ramp, it’s all about making it as far as possible while also doing as much damage to the environment in front of you.

At first you won’t get far but you’ll quickly start earning coins from the damage you do as well as the tricks your car does during its spectacular crash. Coins that are then spent on upgrading either your engine, boost and coin bonus. The two that really matter for distance is the engine and boosts upgrades. Self explanatory really but the former speeds you up as you make your ramp descent while the latter improves your car launch once it hits the jump.

There is a certain level of satisfaction seeing the gradual improvement in your jumps as you level up each stat. Even if the distance reward is somewhat luck-based as hitting an object at a bad angle can turn a massive jump into disappointing failure.

For players who really want to push on quickly, the game offers upgrades for free in return for watching an ad. Something that can be considered reasonable enough, as is the chance to multiply your coin gain at the end of an attempt. These are down-right tempting as you can make quick gains with next to no effort.

It’s such a shame that as well as all of those ad options the game feels the need to force even more in.

While nowhere as egregious as many free to play games on the market, Ramp Car Jumping will still have an ad pop up after every 2-3 attempts. Considering each attempt lasts no more then 10-15 seconds, you’re basically putting up with an ad every 30-45 seconds. That’s not much of a game at all which brings us to the biggest problem with Ramp Car Jumping.

This is it. There’s no change in gameplay. Although the game does have multiple levels, unlocked by reaching set distances, progress really slows down. This is because the cost of upgrades just keeps on increasing. At this point it stops being fun and starts to feel like a chore.


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Ramp Car Jumping
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