Game Review: Pogocat (Mobile – Free to Play)

Pogocat is a relentless feline hopper that tasks you with keeping a kitty balanced on a pogo stick to try and make it as far as possible. A basic premise that could be fun for a short while if it wasn’t so damn difficult.

This review is for version 1.0.

The game’s description says patience is key but you’ll quickly run out of it here.

Pogocat 2

Press and hold on the side of the screen to balance the pogo stick and keep the momentum going. Simple and easy to understand except that is incredibly hard to get the balance right. To much one way or not enough and it’s over, the cat will fall. It’s too responsive and collecting the few coins that you can before you fail makes things even tougher.

Now, the game promises distraction free jumping, something it accomplishes by not having ads pop up as per the expected route of a free to play game. However, it locks off the coins you collect behind an ad. Should you want to redeem the collected coins you have to watch an ad. No big deal really except the high difficulty makes the few coins you do collect not worth it.

Pogocat 3

What is the purpose of coins? To buy items for your cat to wear. You can put hats, glasses, collars, tops and shoes on your cat starting at 30 coins each. Collecting enough coins to unlock even a few items in game is going to be an arduous task, something the developers are aware of so they’ve been kind enough to include in-game costs for bulk coins.

Although it has to be noted that at the time of this review these aren’t active. No doubt to come in a future update.

Pogocat 4

What is active though is the ‘remove ads’ cost of £1.99. A laughable amount considering how little replay value or fun can be had from this game. It’s just too hard.


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