Game Review: Planet of the Eyes (Xbox One)

Planet of the Eyes is a 2D platforming puzzle-adventure developed & published by Cococucumber. In it, players take on the role of a robot who has crashed landed on a distant & mysterious planet. Your task is to find out what happened & where your creator has gone.

Planet 2

The story is fairly straight-forward with the majority of details told through audio logs that you pick up. These logs have been recorded by the robot’s creator in the hope that you will follow the trail & catch up with him.

To do this though, you’ll have to guide the robot across a harsh environment where death comes from all angles. Gameplay takes on a form that will be familiar to players of 2D platforming puzzle-adventure such as Limbo.

Planet 3

Solve environmental puzzles while traversing platforming challenges. The robot can jump, grab on to ledges & err…dance. Expect to die a lot but thanks to a generous checkpoint system you’ll respawn only a few seconds away from where you died. There is a fair amount of trial & error needed to get past some of the trickier puzzles but there are few that will really stump you.

Planet 4

The puzzles are easy & you’ll know right away how to deal with much of what attempts to impede you. Push blocks, pull levers, time jumps on collapsing platforms etc. Try, die then try again. We’ve seen it all before & there is no surprises here.

Gameplay flows & progression is rarely halted. In fact, completing Planet of the Eyes in one sitting is not an issue as it will be wrapped up within an hour or two. The lack of deep & lengthy gameplay is offset by the rewarding story & riveting audio log narration. The voice acting is suburb & that the logs play as you continue on means gameplay is uninterrupted.

Planet 5

Wonderfully retro & dripping in sci-fi atmosphere, the pretty art & haunting synthy music makes Planet of the Eyes an enjoyable experience. Worth experiencing even if it’s a bit too easy & the puzzles are little uninspired.

Planet 6


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Planet of the Eyes
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