Game Review: Mini Metro (Mobile)

Mini Metro is a fun, challenging & highly addictive subway (or tube) simulator that tasks the players with building & upgrading an underground transit system!

Visually basic but with a huge amount of depth within the gameplay, you begin with 3 stations (indicated by symbols such as stars or cubes) & 3 coloured lines. Simply touch one station & drag your finger to the next to start building your underground line.

Mini Metro 1

Trains will start running & passengers will start arriving at the stations. All of this is done automatically with minimal input needed from the player. The task is simply to connect lines to new stations as they appear on the screen.

The random arrival of these new stations is where the puzzle aspect of the game comes into it. Stations need to be connected to a line so trains can stop there. It’s up to the player to drag & move lines around to accommodate these new places.

Mini Metro 2

However, the more you do this, the more complicated & lengthy the line will become. This will mean busier stations & longer train trips. It’s up to the player to ensure lines connect. To ensure that passengers always have somewhere to go.

At the end of every successful week the player is rewarded with new upgrades that can be chosen. Extra trains, extra carriages, tunnels or brand-new lines! Be careful though, there is no point in having 6 different lines going all over the place if each one only has a single train running.

Mini Metro 3

If a station is becoming over-crowded a timer will start & you’ll have a short amount of time to try & clear the station. You can drag & drop trains where necessary but should the timer expire & the station remain overcrowded, the game will end.

With 18 city underground subway/tube systems to play through as well as an endless mode & extreme mode there is a wealth of content to enjoy. While it is challenging it is also very relaxing thanks to its impressive music & sounds.

Mini Metro 4

Mini Metro is a fantastically addictive game. One that will see you rue the mistakes you make forcing to think differently & try again. You will try again…it’s just so much fun!


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Mini Metro
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