Game Review: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Xbox One)

The “couch co-op” genre hasn’t fared too well in recent years. With huge games such as Halo 5, Destiny and many others leaving the feature out entirely. We all have fond memories from previous generations but what about this generation? It’s been suggested that the reason for the feature being left out of so many current games is to encourage gamer spending. You’re expected to buy two consoles and two copies of a game which allows them to play online together. It’s a shame that so many big developers are leaving the features behind. Fortunately, this does open a big market for smaller, independent developers.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a frantic 1- to 4-player couch co-op action space shooter. You’ll explore a colourful galaxy in a massive neon battleship that you control together by manning turrets, lasers, shields and thrusters.


Good communication and teamwork is imperative if you have any hope to triumph over the evil forces of Anti-Love. It’s up to you to rescue the kidnapped space-bunnies, and avoid demise. Deep space is a dangerous place, but you don’t have to face it alone.

There is a number of different ways to play that can greatly alter the experience. 2 to 4 players (or 1 player plus a loyal AI space-pet). If you’re playing with someone you’ll need to work together to man the different battle stations. You’ll be dashing back and forth between weapons, shields and engines. All players fill important roles at all times, and nobody gets left behind.


You can find and combine powerful space-gems to customize your ship’s load-out. Each gem provides different abilities, letting you learn the right tools for every situation.


Also, levels have a random layout every time you play. This helps keep things fresh and gives the game some replayabillity.


This is a game designed to be played with others and that is how it functions best. That’s not saying that it cannot be played alone. I still think it’s worth checking out if that’s your only option.


I really enjoyed this game because I found it extremely relaxing due to the wonderful visual style and music but at the same time it can be very stressful but in a good way. It’s fun and failure does happen but it’s usually down to a lack of communication or just some unlucky circumstances. That’s not saying the game isn’t challenging because it can get really tough in some of the later levels especially on higher difficulties. I can imagine it could get really frustrating having to move the AI around constantly when the heat really turns up.


It’s not a particularly long game but at its current price it’s well worth a pick up.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime took me back to the good old days of great couch co-op games. The beautiful neon colours are a feast for the eyes and the music helps take the game to another level. One of those games you can just relax with and enjoy the happy vibes.


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