Game Review: Lightfield (Xbox One)

Developed & published by Lost in the Garden, Lightfield is a futuristic racing game that creates hyper gameplay with a parkour twist. An end result that is a blast to play but lacks the finer details to make it one of the best.

Lightfield 2

It’s no easy task to offer something new within the racing genre. Lightfield makes an decent effort to add something fresh though. You control a futuristic ship & must race through tracks to get the best times (Time Trial Mode) or take part in races against the AI. Using just a few buttons you can blaze through great looking sci-fi architecture driving on any surface possible.

Lightfield 3

By holding down either trigger, your ship will move forward but slowly. The trick to Lightfield is ‘snapping’ to surfaces resulting in your speed being vastly increased. Mastering quick snaps to different surfaces & taking advantage of the jump boost that you can get when snapping off is key to doing well. Something that can take a little time to get used too. However, once you do you’ll really get that feeling of accomplishment.

Especially as doing well in the modes available is no easy task. With multiple routes to take, AI that rarely make mistakes & the general speed of the gameplay things can feel a little overwhelming. That’s why the third mode is where you can explore at your leisure. It’s a great opportunity to get used to the track & work out the routes.

Lightfield 4

Even then you will have to master the skills needed to beat the pro & hyper racers.

Lightfield is a lot of fun. It really pushes you to do better, to shave that hundredth of a second off your time. With a decent amount of tracks & a techno soundtrack that fits the speed (not to my personal taste though) you’ll find it’s a very addictive game.

It’s visually pleasing to the eye. The controls are simple but it’s just lacking a little more depth. As of right now there is no online multiplayer, only local. Races can feel a little lonely so this eventual inclusion will be very well received.

The developer has confirmed that this will be coming soon!

Lightfield 5

There has clearly been effort put in to make Lightfield a memorable experience, which it is. A fun & exciting futuristic racer that can be easily picked up & played but can be difficult to master!


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