Game Review: Judas Priest: Road to Valhalla (Mobile)

Judas Priest: Road to Valhalla…what the hell is this!? A mobile game based around the legendary metal band Judas Priest? That’s got to be worth a look, right?

Valhalla 2

Let’s get this out of the way now. Judas Priest: Road to Valhalla is not a good game. In fact priced at £1.99 it’s a rip off seeing as it has very little content. Nothing more than a guitar hero mechanic clone that involves you tapping the screen over & over again to defeat enemies. You’re basically playing to hear 5 live versions of classic Priest songs.

Valhalla 3

No multi-player, no leader-boards, only 4 levels (as well as an intro & finale) & three different bikes to unlock. The bikes are nothing more than cosmetics, there is no difference between any of them.

Each level is introduced by singer & frontman of Judas Priest, Rob Halford in what has got to be some of the most cringe-worthy recordings in metal gaming history. I love the guy, he’s an amazing talent but these cut-scenes are just awful.

Valhalla 4

Gameplay is extremely basic, resulting in nothing more than screen tapping experience. It’s very easy to match the symbols to the enemies with things getting a bit more frantic on higher difficulty levels but a lot less fun. Which isn’t saying much at all.

Valhalla 5

The game promises never before released stems of classic Priest songs (Painkiller, Breaking the Law etc) but these are so pointless. I’d be surprised if you even noticed them. Being live performances the songs themselves don’t have quite as much oomph & you won’t be able to shake the feeling that they’ve tried to rip off Brutal Legend a little bit.

Valhalla 6

Whereas that was a tongue in cheek & satisfying experience this is so far from that. Instead it’s boring, not that good to look at & incredibly over-priced. You won’t care about reaching Valhalla.

Valhalla 7


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Judas Priest: Road to Valhalla
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