Game Review: Hop Shot (Mobile – Free To Play)

Hop Shot task you with bouncing an animal across platforms to rack up a high score. Touch the screen to extend a marker, releasing it to see the animal jump to the next platform. Direction is controlled by where you place your finger & with some platforms moving, planning is necessary.

Along the way some platforms will gift coins which are added to your score total (as well as the distance you went). Reach the required amount of coins to unlock a coin bonus that is randomised. The purpose of coins is to unlock the many different animals available.

There are 25 different ones to collect but offer nothing more than a visual difference. It’s nice to have a target in a game where reaching a high score is normally all you’ve got to go for.

Hop Shot 1

Hop Shot is a bit more addictive than many in this genre & the relaxing musical tune fits the game well. There really isn’t much else to say…it offers a different kind of gameplay to the usual but still isn’t going to hold your attention for too long.

As a free to play game it does have a shop where you can spend varying amounts of real money on coins to unlock the animals as well as an ad-free one time purchase. Although this is higher priced than most ad-free options (£2.99), if you’re willing too you do have the option of saving up your gold coins & buying it with them (1500 in total though).

Hop Shot 2

It’s not really worth it though as the ads only arise every few games or so & can often be skipped within the first 5 or so seconds.


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Hop Shot
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