Game Review: Floors (Mobile- Free to Play)

Floors is another in a long run of endless runners that have flooded the mobile market ever since the success of Flappy Bird. The premise is simple, there are 4 floors (5 if you count the one half-obscured by the ad banner at the bottom) & a stick man will run along one at random. You must dodge spikes while occasionally picking up a red gem. Press the screen for a small jump; hold it down for a bigger jump.

Each floor will have a spike trap of some kind so quick reactions are needed to decide what kind of jump you need to do.

Floors 1

That’s it…try & set a high score (mine sits at 12 before I got bored) which you can share via social media. There is also a leaderboard for you check out if you want to see where you have placed worldwide (mine puts me at No. 579,448 – woo).

One of the minor differences here though, something to maybe keep you coming back for more are the unlockable costumes. There are over 30+ & they are unlocked by collecting red gems while playing. This adds some replay-ability to a very tired & boring genre of free to play. Surprisingly though only one of these costumes sits behind a pay wall (£2.99) & while you’d be a fool to pay it does have some benefits…doubling the amount of gems you pick up as well as giving you 1000 straight away.

Floors 2

Lastly to remove ads you can pay £1.99…not worth it, the ads are mostly un-obtrusive (although an ad coming before the games title is quite something) & the game isn’t worth that amount of money.

These games are 10 minutes of fun at best but it is nice to see someone trying to put a bit of longevity in their title even if it is just costumes.


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