Game Review: Five Finger Fury (Mobile – Free to Play)

Five Finger Fury is another 2 minutes of fun game that seems to plague the free to play mobile market. Longevity is unimportant, designed to be picked up & played by the busy gamer who will surely want to throw their phone as far as possible after experiencing the rubbish that is this game.

So you know that bit in Aliens where Bishop takes Hudson’s hand, places it under his & dances a knife at speed through their fingers? That’s this game but with a whole lot less enjoyment.

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A cartoon hand fills the screen with markers in between the fingers. Each round sees a number of these markers lighting up in a random order. As the player all you need to do is tap the screen as the knife goes over the lit marker. Each round completed adds another marker to hit making for a more complicated sequence each time.

Miss & hit a digit, it’s game over & you have to start again. That’s the game…2 mins of gameplay with little to bring you back for more.

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Completing rounds earn you coins which are used to buy different types of hands such as a werewolf or a mummy. Each cost 500 coins so will take some serious amount of play to earn enough to even get one.

You can watch a short video to get 100 instantly but it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what you’ll need to own all the different hands. Or you can pay real money (£1.49) to unlock them all instantly.

Ads are mostly unobtrusive with a small banner at the bottom & the occasional one that pops up after a few games. You can of course pay £1.49 to remove all ads. It’s a one-off cost but with such a lack of replay value you’d be wasting your money.

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The most frustrating thing about the game is that should you pass a marker without pressing the screen you will automatically fail. You can’t wait for the knife to come back round meaning the only way to progress in later levels is to memorise the locations!


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Five Finger Fury
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